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Hello Fellow Horse Lovers!

Welcome to our page and our world. We are kindly sending all our love to you from the land of beautiful horses. We are two former teachers who are passionately in love with horses. We left our corporate jobs after 10 years of full-time teaching for dedicating our lives to the horses. It has started as a hobby, but our passion turned out to be our profession. I transferred my know-how which I gained when I was working as a primary school teacher who continuously in need of designing to the horse-related issues. My husband Nuri ÇORBACIOĞLU (instgram: @nuricorbacioglu) is a worldwide and Turkey-wide famous equine photographer. He shares his love and knowledge about horses with the equine photographers and horse lovers from all around the world via his brand Cappadocia Photo Tours ® ( https://www.cappadociaphototours.com ).

Our common passion about horses directed us to design horse-related products; previously when we were designing our own house and then when we were preparing gifts to our friends and families. Produced with this experience, we now ready to share our products which is produced getting help from hand-made artisans and artists in various locations through Anatolia with you. With the help of my husband’s identity as a documentarian, we were able to use the most native techniques that remained intact. In our horse farms in Kayseri and Cappadocia, we rescue the horses which are once forced to be used in agriculture and in need of care as our social responsibility project.

For this reason, my husband, an equine photographer, used to sell his artistic photos in order to provide fund to our project until his 20th year in the profession in different platforms. But now, for the same reason, we are willing to sell his photos with different printing techniques on our own platform. We aim at transferring some of the profit we make from these sales to our project. If you happen to pass by Cappadocia, you can visit these horses require love and attention and you can join in our horse-friendship chain.


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